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Cheap Cellphones is an online wireless portal offering Free Cell Phones, Discount Wireless Plans and accessories for all of the major wireless carriers including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile. In addition to the post paid wireless carriers, we also represent all of the major prepaid wireless carriers such as TracFone, Cricket, Jitterbug, Net10, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile.

Online since 1998, Cheap Cell Phones is one of the oldest, continuously run websites on the planet today!

Always open for business 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Our Sales Motto is simple – “buying or upgrading a cell phone should be a simple process”.
Why be limited to the phone inventory in your local wireless store?
Why be limited to viewing only one wireless carrier specials? We believe that a person should be able to view all wireless carrier phone specials from the convenience of their home or office, compare
prices and features and then be able to order that cell phone in a simple, convenient and safe manner.

It is for these reasons – Wireless Objectivity, Great Cell Phone Deals and Superior Customer Service that thousands of cell phone users have purchased their cell phones thru CheapCellphones.Com. While many of our wireless competitors have come and gone, Cheapcellphones.Com has proven itself to be a winner in this new wireless world.

We accomplished this because of one reason – OUR QUALITY COMMITMENT TO YOU -THE CUSTOMER.

We Thank you for visiting our site and hope we can earn your trust and your business.

More Free Cell Phones than any retail store!

Disclaimer; Cheap Cellphones is acting as an independent marketing vehicle for wireless carriers, third party wireless fulfillment businesses, participating cell phone manufacturers, suppliers and distributors who are solely responsible for their merchandise, the accuracy of their advertised prices, specifications and quality of their product. We make no guarantees – express or  implied as to the accuracy or the legality of the information provided by these above companies.  Cheap cellphones is simply providing a wireless information portal so that our visitors can go to an information only website and get consolidated information from various sources on the internet.

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