Send Text Message From Computer to Cell Phone

Send a Message to any cell phone in most parts of the world for Free

To send Text Messages via E-MAIL:
All cell phones have an Email address. To Send a message to the cellphone using your internal email, simply type the following Eg: If your friend was with AT&T Wireless and their cell phone number was 555-123-4567 you could text them by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. Tip: You can attach a picture to a SMS message, just like you would attach a picture to a regular e-mail message. You should double check with your carrier to find out their “Email formula” for the system used by your phone.

Send Text Messages for Free via Instant Messenger :
You can send text messages to many cell phones via AOL Instant Messenger. To send a text message via AIM, simply message the telephone number. Include a plus sign and the country code. For example, to text message your friend at (303)555-1212, send an IM to +13035551212

Send a Text Message from Your Computer to a US Cell Phone

Top 4 Wireless Carriers

  • AT&T Wireless : Use (phone number)
  • Verizon Wireless : Use (phone number)
  • Sprint : Use (phone number)
  • T-Mobile : Use (phone number)

Other US Wireless Phone and Pager Companies (Some Companies have merged with others)

  • 3 River Wireless (phone number)
  • Advantage Communications (phone number)
  • AirVoice (phone number)
  • Airtouch Pagers (phone number)
  • Airtouch Pagers (phone number)
  • Airtouch Pagers (phone number)
  • Airtouch Pagers (phone number)
  • AllTel (phone number)
  • Alltel PCS (phone number)
  • Alltel (phone number)
  • Ameritech Paging (phone number)
  • Arch Pagers (PageNet) (phone number)
  • Arch Pagers (PageNet) (phone number)
  • AT&T Wireless (phone number)
  • Bell South (Blackberry) (phone number)
  • Bell South Mobility (phone number)
  • Bell South (phone number)
  • Bell South (phone number)
  • Bell South (phone number)
  • Bluegrass Cellular (phone number)
  • Boost Mobile (phone number)
  • Boost (phone number)
  • CallPlus (phone number)
  • Carolina Mobile Communications (phone number)
  • Cellular One East Coast (phone number)
  • Cellular One PCS (phone number)
  • Cellular One South West (phone number)
  • Cellular One West (phone number)
  • Cellular One (phone number)
  • Cellular One (phone number)
  • Cellular One (phone number)
  • Cellular South (phone number)
  • Central Vermont Communications (phone number)
  • CenturyTel (phone number)
  • Cingular (GSM) (phone number)
  • Cingular (TDMA) (phone number)
  • Cingular Wireless (phone number)
  • Cingular (phone number)
  • Communication Specialists [email protected]
  • Cook Paging (phone number)
  • Corr Wireless Communications (phone number)
  • Cricket (phone number)[email protected]
  • Dobson Communications Corporation (phone number)
  • Dobson- / Dobson-Cellular One (phone number)
  • Edge Wireless (phone number)
  • GCS Paging (phone number)
  • GTE (phone number)
  • GTE (phone number)
  • Galaxy Corporation (phone number)
  • GrayLink / Porta-Phone (phone number)
  • Houston Cellular (phone number)
  • Inland Cellular Telephone (phone number)
  • JSM Tele-Page (phone number)
  • Lauttamus Communication (phone number)
  • MCI Phone (phone number)
  • MCI (phone number)
  • Metro PCS (phone number)
  • Metro PCS (phone number)
  • MetroPCS (phone number)
  • Metrocall 2-way (phone number)
  • Metrocall (phone number)
  • Midwest Wireless (phone number)
  • Mobilecom PA (phone number)
  • Mobilfone (phone number)
  • Morris Wireless (phone number)
  • NPI Wireless (phone number)
  • Nextel (phone number)
  • Nextel (phone number)
  • Ntelos (phone number)
  • Omnipoint (phone number)
  • Omnipoint (phone number)
  • OnlineBeep (phone number)
  • PCS One (phone number)
  • Pacific Bell (phone number)
  • PageMart (phone number)
  • PageOne NorthWest (phone number)
  • Pioneer / Enid Cellular (phone number)
  • Price Communications (phone number)
  • ProPage (phone number)
  • Public Service Cellular (phone number)
  • Qualcomm [email protected]
  • Qwest (phone number)
  • RAM Page (phone number)
  • ST Paging [email protected]
  • Safaricom (phone number)
  • Satelindo GSM (phone number)
  • Satellink (phone number)[email protected]
  • Simple Freedom (phone number)
  • Skytel Pagers (phone number)
  • Skytel Pagers (phone number)
  • Smart Telecom (phone number)
  • Southern LINC (phone number)
  • Southwestern Bell (phone number)
  • Sprint PCS (phone number)
  • Sprint (phone number)
  • SunCom (phone number)
  • Surewest Communications (phone number)
  • T-Mobile (phone number)
  • TIM (phone number)
  • TSR Wireless (phone number)
  • TSR Wireless (phone number)
  • Teletouch (phone number)
  • Telus (phone number)
  • The Indiana Paging Co [email protected]
  • Triton (phone number)
  • US Cellular (phone number)
  • USA Mobility (phone number)
  • Unicel (phone number)
  • Verizon PCS (phone number)
  • Verizon Pagers (phone number)
  • Verizon (phone number)
  • Virgin Mobile (phone number)
  • Virgin Mobile (phone number)
  • WebLink Wireless (phone number)
  • West Central Wireless (phone number)
  • Western Wireless (phone number)
  • Wyndtell (phone number)

Send Message to an International Cell Phone

FORMAT TO TEXT an International MESSAGE :  Send a Page to a cell phone overseas from your computer

MaxMobil (phone number)[email protected]
One Connect (phone number)
T-Mobile (phone number)

Blue Sky Frog (phone number)
Optus Mobile (phone number)

Mobistar (phone number)

Mobility (phone number)

Nextel (phone number)

Bell Mobility (phone number)
Bell Mobility (phone number)
Fido (phone number)
Microcell (phone number)
Manitoba Telecom Systems (phone number)
NBTel (phone number)
PageMart (phone number)
PageNet (phone number)
Rogers (phone number)
Telus (phone number)

Bell South (phone number)

Czech Republic
Eurotel [email protected]
Oskar (phone number)

Sonofon [email protected]
Tele Danmark Mobil [email protected]
Telia Denmark (phone number)

EMT (phone number)

SFR (phone number)

T-Mobile [email protected]
Mannesmann Mobilefunk [email protected]
E-Plus [email protected]

PGSM [email protected]

BPL mobile (phone number)
Chennai RPG Cellular (phone number)
Chennai Skycell / Airtel (phone number)
Delhi Aritel (phone number)
Delhi Hutch (phone number)
Idea Cellular (phone number)
Orange (phone number)

Meteor (phone number)

Telecom Italia Mobile [email protected]
Vodafone Omnitel [email protected]
Vodafone (phone number)

Vodafone Japan (phone number)
Vodafone Japan (phone number)
Vodafone Japan (phone number)

Kyivstar (phone number)
LMT [email protected]
Tele2 (phone number)

Cellis / LibanCell [email protected]

P&T Luxembourg (phone number)

Celcom [email protected]

The Netherlands
Dutchtone / Orange-NL (phone number)

Netcom (phone number)
Telenor (phone number)

Cable and Wireless (phone number)

Plus GSM [email protected]

Telcel [email protected]
Optimus [email protected]
TMN [email protected]

BeeLine GSM (phone number)
MTS 7(phone number)[email protected]
Personal Communication [email protected] (number in subject line)
Primtel (phone number)
SCS-900 (phone number)
Uraltel (phone number)
Vessotel (phone number)

Serbia and Montenegro (Yugoslavia)
Mobtel Srbija (phone number)

MiWorld (phone number)
Mobileone (phone number)

Mobitel [email protected]
Si Mobil [email protected]

Movistar (phone number)
Vodafone (phone number)

Comviq GSM [email protected]
Europolitan [email protected]

Sunrise Mobile (phone number)
Sunrise Mobile (phone number)
Swisscom (phone number)

Mobitel (phone number)

Golden Telecom (phone number)
Kyivstar (phone number)[email protected]
UMC (phone number)

United Kingdom
Orange [email protected]
Orange (phone number)
O2 [email protected]
O2 (M-mail) (phone number)
T-Mobile UK (phone number)
Vodafone UK (phone number)