Wireless Safety and Health Concerns

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Many people have asked if using a cell phone is dangerous to their health. As the adoption of Wireless has quickly grown across the US over the past 20 years… so have the questions raised in regards to wireless safety and health concerns of these devices and the effects of Electro-Magnetic Radiation emitted by all wireless devices on the Human body. It’s a natural tendency to link the enormous increase in Brain cancers to the use of Wireless Phones placed close to the head. But just like foods, there are numerous studies, all of which contradict each other, with no definitive answer to the question…. Does using a Wireless Phone cause cancer?

So we will attempt to share all of the different studies of Wireless Safety and Health Concerns over time here… and let you make an educated decision.is your cell phone safe

This section of our wireless resource web site will try to help you understand all of the various topics covering Cellular Safety – From Health Effects, Radiation, Pacemakers to Theft.

Recent Posts Regarding Health and Safety of Cell Phones and Accessories

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In the meantime, while the verdict is still out, there are 3 easy steps you can take to minimize the effects of your cell phone radiation on your health.

  1. If you can use the speaker phone function on your device – use it. try to minimize the time the phone is placed against your head.
  2. Use a “Wired” Headset or speakers. Bluetooth headsets also emit wireless frequencies – some of which are worse than the phone themselves
  3. Keep Your Phone away from your chest. Avoid putting it inside your suit pockets where it rests against your chest area.