Phones for Sale on EBay

Looking for a great deal on a cell phone? Take a look at the latest Cell Phones and Smart Phones for Sale on Ebay right now! Our System displays the Phones for Sale on EBay real time… and then shows only those cell phones for sale by Top rated Sellers on Ebay.

When buying a phone on eBay, you must take some precautions in order to make sure you are not buying a stolen phone.

Some watchdog groups claim that 10% of those cell phones sold on eBay have “BAD ESN Numbers”. That means that phone is either stolen or is still tied to someone’s account for past due balances that were never paid. By not paying the bill, the cell phone provider will not release that phone until the account is current. Also you cannot activate “BAD ESN” phone with another carrier either, again until the account is current. Cell Phone carriers have gotten smart over the years as much as some people chose not to believe. Look at it as a lien on a house, you can’t sell or buy a house with a lien on it until the lien is satisfied.

YOU are responsible for contacting the provider, give them the ESN, or HEX ESN that is listed in the listing and ask if the phone is free and clear.
If the seller states “not sure if it is free & clear” chances are it’s not and they are just looking to unload that head ache on someone else, maybe you.

Always email the seller ask if the phone is free and clear and ask for the ESN Numbers, call the service provider and also ask them if the cell phone is clear.

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