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Phones for Sale on Ebay!

Phones for Sale on EBay Looking for a great deal on a cell phone? provides you with the latest Cell Phones and Smart Phones for Sale on Ebay right now! Our System displays the Phones for Sale on EBay real time… and then shows only those cell phones for sale by Top rated Sellers on Ebay. In addition, if the Seller of the phone does not accept PayPal… We do not list them here. New, used and Refurbished phones and smart phones are displayed so you can compare and select the best phone for you and your family. When buying a phone on eBay, you must take some precautions in order to make sure you are not buying a stolen phone. Some watchdog groups claim that…

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Cell Phones and Pacemakers

Cell Phones and Pacemakers – Interference with Medical and Cardiac Devices June 2015 Update: As time goes by and more research studies begin to wind down, there is increasing evidence that Smart Phones and cell phones CAN CAUSE interference with pacemakers and other health devices. Everyone agrees that you should not keep your cell phone rested in a pocket near your chest.  Newer cell phones have better designs than older units that help minimize interference with pacemakers… but the interference is never completely eliminated. Latest Article: June 24, 2015 – Keep Cell Phones away from pacemakers, researchers warn…. Before you buy a cell phone, you should visit the FDA site on pacemakers and cell phones Also helpful is the section from the American Heart Association…

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