Cricket Wireless

Top Reasons to Choose Cricket Wireless…

  • Uses the AT&T Network
  • No annual contract for cell phone service –  Cricket’s prepaid phones aren’t tied to an annual contract, so you have freedom to change your service at any time
  • Unlimited talk & text –  No need to worry about going over your minutes, talk and text to your heart’s content
  • Taxes and fees for services are included in your plan price, so you can easily budget your phone expenses
  • Group Save discounts – Save up to $100/mo when you order five eligible lines of service
  • Cricket Wireless offers a selection of quality handsets from LG, Motorola, Research In Motion (RIM), Samsung, Kyocera and ZTE, ranging from entry-level to Android smartphone devices.

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Re-Cricket cards are available at approximately 100,000 locations throughout the United States. Experience Cricket Wireless on the Web at MySpace, Facebook and Twitter; and purchase products at

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Wireless carriers like Cricket often have a BYOD program. (Bring Your Own Device) You can often get a great deal on a new, used or refurbished phone from private sellers on Ebay.  This could save you additional money instead of buying your device direct from Cricket.

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Why Buy Your Cricket Wireless Phones Here?

We feature new and used Cricket Wireless Cell Phones, Smart Phones, Blackberries, Tablets, MiFi and USB modems. We are Convenient… Easy to Use…. and Safe.

And Always remember, When purchasing a used device from a place like Ebay, make sure you follow these steps, however, please also be aware that these steps do not guarantee that the lost/stolen status won’t change prior to your attempt to activate.

  • If you think your phone or tablet was stolen, we can add it to an industry-wide blocklist. This will block anyone from using your device. When a device is added to the blocklist, no one can call, text or use data on that device. Participating wireless companies have access to a shared blocklist and will not activate stolen devices on the list.
    If you want to add your stolen device to the blocklist, please call or chat with a Cricket Support Advocate immediately. You can add your device to the blocklist for up to 30 days from the last day it was used. It can take up to two business days to be added, and once added, it will be on the list for 18 months. If you find it, you can take it off the list by contacting a Cricket Support Advocate. It can take up to two business days to get it removed.n