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Top Services GreatCall – Jitterbug Wireless Offers …

  • Uses the Verizon Wireless Network
  • No Annual Contracts, No Cancellation fees
  • 100% U.S.-based customer service
  • Additional Services Available for a Fee…
    • 5Star Urgent Response : Highly-trained agents are here to help you anytime.
    • Urgent Care: 24/7 access to registered nurses and board-certified doctors.
    • GreatCall Link :Easily stay connected with family and friends.
    • Personal Operator: Friendly unlimited assistance with daily tasks.
    • MedCoach: Stay on schedule with medication and refill reminders.
    • The Wellness Call: One call per week from a wellness expert.
    • Daily Health Tips: Lifestyle tips from the American Heart Association.
    • Check-in Call: Daily automated calls to check in with you.
    • Brain Games: Improve your memory and sharpen your focus.
    • Fall Detection: Detects and calls a 5Star Agent in the event of a fall.
    • Fitness Tracker: Select daily challenges, and track steps.
    • Product Replacement : If your phone or device is lost, stolen or broken, we’ll replace it.
    • MyWorld: Keep up-to-date on all your favorite interests.

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GreatCall is the leader in connected health for active aging. With health and safety solutions for older adults and their family caregivers, GreatCall’s innovative suite of easy-to-use mobile products and award-winning approach to customer care helps aging consumers live more independent lives. Products and services include Jitterbug Flip and Jitterbug Smart, the Lively Urgent Response device, Lively Wearable, plus health, safety and medical apps Urgent Care, GreatCall Link, MedCoach and 5Star.

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