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Sprint has undergone a transformation and is becoming quite a “disruptive” wireless carrier.  The new CEO Marcelo Claure has refocused Sprint into a consumer friendly wireless company.  The network keeps improving, speeds are getting faster… and the pricing is Great.  In our comparisons, Sprint often comes in as the lowest cost carrier of the big 4.  They have iPhones for Life programs, Great incentives to switch from your current carrier and truly unlimited smartphone plans.  if you are shopping for a new wireless carrier – Sprint should be seriously considered. We highly recommend them now!  Recently, Sprint introduced an unlimited everything plan that is scheduled to go up in price on October 16, 2015.

Wireless Technology Standard Used:  4G LTE, CdmaOne, CDMA2000 1xRTT, 1x Advanced, EV-DO Rev 0, Rev A

Sprint’s Monthly Rate Plans

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Plan Basics

Individual Plan
Unlimited Everything $60 per month
Individual Plan
Any Phone Unlimited Everything $85 per month
Family Plans
1GB Data – $20 Per Month
2GB Data – $25 Per Month
4GB Data – $40 per Month
8GB Data – $80 per Month
10GB Data – $100 per Month (4 Line Limit)
You must Add $15 per month for each line on account as well. Promo exists on 10Gig + plans where Sprint is waiving the $15 monthly charge per line as well.
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Good to Know Points

  • Includes unlimited talk and text
  • Mandatory $15 for each phone on Account
  • Smart Phones do share the Data
  • Add additional phones $15/month
  • Add a tablet or hotspot $15/month
  • Activation Fee of $36 per line

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Verify Your Sprint Coverage


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To be consistent, we will use same example as Verizon.  So lets say you have a family of 3 and each person will need 2 gigs of data per month. You would pay $15 for each smartphone x 3 users = $45 + the 8 GB Plan (Sprint doesn’t have a 6 GB Plan) above at $80 = $125.00 per month before the crazy taxes… so its $5 more than Verizon but you get 8 GB instead of 6GB.

Sprint is a bit more aggressive on the upfront Phone pricing side and you might be able to score a better deal than Verizon.  Also, Keep your eyes open for Sprint Specials.  On 10/4 they still had a great special of $100 for 4 lines.  10GB Data, Talk and Text Included as well… and most importantly – No $15 per line charge forever on the account waived.  Sprint does offer a large selection of phones from leading manufacturers such as Apple, Motorola, HTC, BlackBerry, LG and Samsung as well.
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Select The Type of Wireless Device from Sprint

Helpful Advice from Cheap Cell Phones on Sprint

Sprint usually has some pretty good deals on Phones. They have the iPhone for Life Program and more. You can click the ad above and that takes you directly to Sprint’s site or you can review deals thru Amazon.com and others below. Get an unlocked phone that works on their network. (They use LTE 4G, GSM will not work on their network)

Below we will provide you with current real-time specials and deals on phones that will work on the Sprint Network thru other online sites… besides buying from Sprint directly.

Better Sprint iPhone Specials thru Authorized Sprint Dealers


Android Sprint Phone Specials thru Authorized Sprint Dealers

New and Used Sprint Phones on EBay Now

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Sprint Contact Information

Mail: Send your payment to:
PO Box 4191
Carol Stream, IL 60197-4191

Pay Online

Phone Numbers
24/7 automated phone system:
Find your balance and make a payment
Track your usageor dial
*611 from your mobile phone

Sprint Customer Service
Current customers: Call 866-866-7509
New customers: Call 866-866-7509

Mon – Fri: 6am CST – 10pm CST
Sat: 7am CST – 9PM CST
Sun: 8am CST – 9PM CST

Sprint News and Updates


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