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Looking to get a Tablet with Sprint 4G Internet Access?

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Sprint offers a wide selection of tablets from manufacturers such as Apple ( iPads ), HTC, Samsung (Galaxy Series), LG, Motorola, Blackberry and more. We provide numerous ways to shop, consumer reviews, photos, videos, and user comments on the most popular Tablets for use on the Sprint network. Compare Tablet deals from Sprint and other legitimate suppliers and electronic distributors. Save Money Now!

You do not need 4G capability on a Tablet unless you travel often and might not have consistent reliable access to Wi-Fi signal. If security is extremely important to you, than getting 4G Access fo your tablet is a must. But it will incur data charges from your wireless carrier if you exceed the data allotment they give you. All tablets have Free Wi-Fi connectivity built in.

if you are on the Sprint Family Share program, you can add a Slate tablet for $0.00 equipment cost and a mere $10 per month charge.

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iPads ( Sprint Network Compatible )


Samsung Galaxy Tablets ( Sprint Network Compatible )


HP Slate Tablets ( Sprint Network Compatible )

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Buying a New, Used or Refurbished Sprint tablet that is LTE 4G compatible is a great way to save money, especially if you have broken your current tablet.