No Contract Phones

No Contract phones

Choose from a variety of prepaid no contract phones and plans. Break free of long term wireless contracts. In addition, most offer no credit checks and great prices. We hand pick the selection of top brands, including Android and iPhone. Carriers include Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, Virgin Mobile, Net10, tracFine, Cricket Wireless and the Senior Citizen Friendly Jitterbug aka GreatCall.

You can pick your plan based entirely on your communication needs, whether they’re business-related, personal or both.

No Contracts, No Commitments, No Approvals required!

The Major Prepaid USA Wireless Carriers – Offer Prepaid Phones and Rate Plans

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(Sprint Network) uses CDMA / LTE
(AT&T Network) uses GSM 850/1900, UMTS 850/1900, LTE
(Verizon Network) uses CDMA 1900
(T-Mobile Network) GSM 850/1900, UMTS 1700/1900, LTE band 4
(AT&T and T-Mobile Networks) GSM 850/1900, UMTS 1700/1900, LTE (Nano Sims),UMTS 850/1900, LTE bands 17/4
Republic Wireless Deals (Sprint Network) uses CDMA / LTE
Simple Mobile (T-Mobile)
CDMA Phones use the Verizon Network.  GSM phones use AT&T (AT&T  GSM 850/1900, UMTS 1700/1900, LTE (Nano Sims),UMTS 850/1900, LTE bands 17/4) – Verizon Network (CdmaOne, CDMA2000 1xRTT EV-DO Rev 0, Rev A, 700/1700 MHz LTE)
(AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile Networks) GSM, CDMA, LTE
(Sprint Network) CDMA, WiMAX, LTE band 25


Some Tips When Buying No Contract Phones

  • Keeping your number is possible, but not certain, check with each carrier
  • Most Prepaid Companies have No Contract Required, No Credit Checks, No Activation fees
  • Prepaid Carriers do not “subsidize their phones”. In other words, you pay the retail price for the phone. No Free Phones
  • If you buy a phone from ebay or a 3rd party, remember to call the carrier first to make sure the Phone is not reported as Lost or Stolen.
  • You might get discounts for automatic monthly renewals on the minutes, so again, check with the carrier
  • Ask for a Senior or Group Discount, such as AARP or AAA

Choose from a variety of options in prepaid phone minutes as well, including 30-day plans and unlimited texts. For added convenience, many prepaid cards can be delivered by email.